Facades & Cladding Solutions

Technical Information

Composite cladding panels are composed of bonded layers of metal and insulation. FCS offers panels with either steel or aluminium substrates. Our steel composite cladding panels are based on a hot-dipped zinc-coated steel substrate, with external and internal steel sheets. These are coated with Plastisol. The insulation core of our steel composite cladding panels is formed from Polyisocyanurate. The aluminium composite cladding panels use the same technology, but with aluminium instead of steel, and polyester coating of the external and internal facing sheets.


  1. Light weight and easy to process
  2. High peeling strength
  3. Super weather resistance
  4. Even coating and multiple colours
  5. Excellent impact resistance
  6. Excellent fireproof feature
  7. Easy to maintain

Application scope

  1. Building exterior curtain wall
  2. Decoration reformation storey-addition for old buildings
  3. Shop's door decoration
  4. Advertisement board, display platforms and signboards
  5. Industrial materials, vehicle and boat materials
  6. Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies

Mechanical Characteristics

  1. Weight: 5.60 Kg/m2
  2. Textile Strength Tolerance: N/mm2 ≥158
  3. Yield Strength: N/mm2 ≥130
  4. Ridgidity: kN/mm2 0.24
  5. Elongation: ≥5%

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